#ItNeverHappened: Top 10 Worst Car Cleaner Challenges

With Xpert 60’s Universal Cleaner, we assembled the top 10 worst everyday car cleaner challenges where you just wish #ItNeverHappened.

1. The Food Mess Challenge

The food mess challenge

Image (CC) by Frankleleon

Leading a busy life means that your car becomes the only place for snacking, lunching and munching. Eating in the car is not only messy, but can also leave a bad smell lingering around.

2. The Coffee Mess Challenge

The coffee mess challenge

Coffee stains on your car seat and carpet can be a real pain to get rid of! Another great reason not to have drinks in your car.

3. The Kids Mess Challenge: Part 1

The Kids Mess Challenge

Image (CC) by Ben Francis

It’s the bane of many parents’ lives: sticky lolly pops, squishy juice cartons and crumbly snacks. Unfortunately it’s hard to get your kids to like car-friendly food: water and dry nuts anyone?!

4. Kids Mess Challenge: Part 2

The Kids Mess Challenge2

Image (CC) by Chris Devers

Kids’ arts and crafts activities may seem like fun until your car gets damaged. Suddenly it’s not so amusing anymore...

5. The Bird Mess Challenge

The birds mess challenge

Image (CC) by Romana Klee

But remember, there’s no need to get upset! Some would argue that the more birds that poop on your car, the luckier or richer you’ll be!

6. The Rain and Mud Mess Challenge

The rain abd mud challenge

Image (CC) by Jared Eberhardt

A rainy day invariably means a muddy car. The challenge is keeping your car clean whatever the weather throws at you.

7. The Dog Mess Challenge

The dog mess challenge

Image (CC) by Nisa Yeh

Dog hair gets EVERYWHERE: on the car seats, under the car seats, on the car mats, all over the seat belts, on the dashboard, in the rear parcel shelf and inside the boot.  

8. The Smoking in a Car Mess Challenge

The smoking mess challenge

Image (CC) by Jun

When your car looks and smells like one giant ashtray filled with a pile of unsightly cigarette butts.

9. The Chewing Gum Mess Challenge

The chewing gum challenge

Image (CC) by Agnes Viger

Yes, chewing gum freshens the breath (duh). Yes, it also helps to get that annoying song out of your head. But, discovering after several months that someone’s chewing gum is stuck to the seat of your car can be very frustrating!

10. The Car Bugs Mess Challenge

The bug mess challenge

Image (CC) by Zhu

Car bugs are messy too. Yes, they may seem cute and talk in funny voices in cartoons, but they’re a pain to remove from your front grille!

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