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  • It’s clingy

    Xpert-60 Wheel Cleaner. The boffins at the Xpert-60 labs have worked exceptionally hard on making sure it works. And it does, unlike conventional... more

    XPERT-60 wheel cleaner

  • Bottle tops!

    500ml packs with yep opts and lids
    Xpert-60 500ml bottle tops upgraded!. Exciting news we know - but you wouldn’t believe what a difference they make! And they match - which is a... more
  • Follow Xpert-60 on Twitter and Facebook

    Picture from a tweet by Richard Tipper
    In case you didn’t know, Xpert-60 regularly Tweets and posts on Facebook. To keep up with our latest posts read our Facebook posts here and our... more
  • Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet uses Xpert-60

    Some of the cars detailed by Richard Tipper using Xpert-60 products
    Richard Tipper started cleaning cars at age 14 – and it’s been his passion ever since. After starting a “proper” business aged 17, Richard cleaned... more
  • Who's the Dummy Now?

    Firstly sorry to Shaun but couldn't resist posting this one. Pictured below at the Bologna Show is Shaun Finney, our Technical Sales Manager and an... more
  • Bologna or Bolton?

    We have just got back from the Autopromotec Show in Bologna, in previous shows the problem has been dealing with the searing heat and humidity as we... more
  • Xpert-60 & Detailing World

    We have agreed a deal with Detailing World to sponser the forum over the summer so any members of the forum watch out for posts from us, there might... more
  • Up and Running !

    With a few glitches and delays on the way (nothing ever runs that smoothly), we are now live and open for business!     You can buy all our Xpert-60... more
  • Keep it safe and be sure!

    Shattered Light Cluster
    We had an enquiry from a customer recently who sent in the picture below. The customer was prepping a new van and used a tar & glue remover to... more
  • Nearly there....

    We are working hard on putting the finishing touches to the e-tail system on the site. To go with the exceptional products we have negotiated a deal... more
  • Tyre Creme on a BIG RED Hummer H3

    In between the rain, sleet and snow we managed to fit in a test of our unique Tyre Detailing Creme on probably the biggest wheels in Manchester! You... more

    Xpert-60 Tyre Creme on Red Hummer H3