A little about us…

Cars on which Xpert-60 products have been used

Concept Chemicals, the driving-force behind Xpert-60, has been developing and manufacturing high quality automotive cleaning, detailing and appearance enhancing chemicals for over 25 years. Our factory and logistics centre is based near Manchester, U.K from where over 70% of our products are shipped to markets around the world.

We launched the Xpert-60 detailing brand to enable us to offer our cleaning, detailing and coatings technologies to a wider market of both professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about achieving the maximum quality of finish on their vehicles.

Professional Technology – Everyday Use: Xpert-60 products have been specially designed to deliver professional standards of finish but be simple, quick and easy to use - whether it’s a quick clean and freshen-up or the detailing and protection of a cherished classic.

We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of delivering innovative new product technologies to the professional vehicle cleaning, detailing and crash repair markets. For more information visit www.conceptchemicals.com